Daring Celebrations & Ceremonies Officiants


Left to right - Carol Scott, Lynda "LD" Daring, Marjorie Mundy, and Jen Levy

Missing from the photo, Jenn Pollitt Hill


Left to right - Jenn Pollitt Hill, Carol Scott, Lynda "LD" Daring,

Marjorie Mundy and Jen Levy

Our team is protective of our couples' happiness.

Since 2011 we have married over 800 couples throughout
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
New Jersey.

Couples ask, "What makes you different from other wedding officiants?"
Our answer is simple.

"We are HEART-FELT, EXPERTS, AND FUN, and it shows!
It's all about LOVE!
We start from scratch--we do not use pre-written templates --we speak from our heart and every ceremony is as unique as your own personality."

Your wedding ceremony will be remembered by everyone for years to come.

Lynda "LD" Daring, Owner

"Actions speak louder than words."

I am inspired by the people in my life!  My natural humorous personality is met with an intense sincerity that is immediately noted by my clients. Couples understand that their needs will be met, and their ideas and thoughts will be heard. I adore meeting new couples, getting to know all their nooks and crannies, all their hopes and dreams, what they love, and what makes them tick. I watch couples interact with each other and I ask them thought-provoking questions that reach far down to their very core. I am attracted to behavior and personality, and I am a romantic, so naturally, I feel my role is to get to what matters most to couples. 

I feel that we have to love people where they are. See them right now. Listen to their words. I take copious notes. I even cook for my couples. We laugh together and we share stories. Months after their wedding, I often hear from my couples to meet for dinner or drinks. Other times, my inbox dings to inform me that they just had a baby! And they want me to officiate the Baby Welcoming. Ahh...Eureka--I'm in! This is a life cycle and we are all peddling our very best to keep up. I get it and I love it, every step of the way.

I am ordained through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California as well as the American Marriage Ministries. I hold a B.S. from Wilmington University, New Castle, Delaware, in Behavioral Science. Almost 19 years as a Career Coach and Training Manager has provided me with valuable life lessons in humility, temperance, and dealing with adversity. 


Music plays a huge role in my life. I was the lead singer in a rock band many moons ago! That is how I met my husband Brian (who by the way, is a professional bass player in a classic rock band in Delaware). Two weeks after we dated, he proposed, and one year later we were married. Right? Did she really just say that? Darn, right I did!  Our amazing son, Kenny, followed us in our musical footsteps. Kenny writes, mixes, and produces his own genre of music. Our little family lives in Newark, Delaware, however, we try to spend as much free time as possible visiting family and enjoying the great state of Maine. Boston Terrier puppies are our family babies, Cici & Teddy. We cannot get enough of those kisses and zoomies in the backyard! The Darings love to hang out at our fire pit, engage in challenging chats and laugh our butts off! We attract lots of really fun people!  

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Jennifer Levy
Associate Officiant

Jennifer Levy, M.A.


The path of love is meant to be walked on by all the human family.” Anonymous


I believe in the power of words, symbols, and rituals especially when they are connected to experiences that serve to deepen our ties with others and spur our personal growth. 

It is one of my life’s joys to facilitate these experiences, especially for couples in love.

I have a Master of Arts degree in Speech Communication, 30 years of experience as a writer, facilitator, and public speaker, and am ordained by the Universal Life Church. 

I live in Clayton, NJ with my wife Jane, and our beloved pets Roxy and Cooper. Uniting two people in love is a wonderful, life-affirming event and I look forward to working with you to create the day you imagine!

Marjorie cropped-33.jpg
Marjorie Mundy
Associate Officiant

Marjorie Mundy, Visionary Intuitive


One of my gifts is being able to see and nurture the light within others.  My career in business management has afforded me the opportunity to build strong, positive client relationships, while mentoring, training, and developing the teams I’ve had the great fortune to work with. 

Being a part of LD’s team and embracing her mission, enables me the joy of utilizing this gift to help couples create a very personal and unique energy of their own ceremony.  I bring to ‘light’ the special blessings that have brought them to this special moment in their lives. 

Accredited from the Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA, I enjoy being a small piece in the story of the couples we serve, in the ways that most speak to their hearts. 

My husband and I have been on our own unique journey for 30 years.  Creating a special wedding 27years ago, as well as an exceptionally meaningful 20-year renewal celebration.  We are gifted with three wonderful grown children, two sons-in-law, and three delightful grandchildren.  We enjoy the beach, outdoor activities, disc golf, growing as individuals, and lots of time spent with family and friends.

Carol for website Team page.jpg
Carol Scott
Associate Officiant


Carol Scott

"That's when he took my heart in his hands and kissed it gently. He opened up his lips, then said this poetry: ‘I'm in love with you’.” – Erykah Badu


Hello. I am Carol Scott.
…a dreamer
…a lover of life and people
…a wife, a mother, and a friend.

I am an exceptionally imperfect woman who embraces differences. I am a listener, a talker, and a thinker.
A successful 20+ year career in technology has afforded me the opportunity to work together with ALL types of people. My experiences have taught me that people all want to love and be loved.
LD entered my life as the officiant for my husband's and my small wedding at our home. During our very first phone conversion, she radiated kindness, sincerity, and a genuine love for her craft. Her aura was contagious. So contagious, that I merged with her vibe as she took me under her wing on the road to acquire the credentials to become a part of her team. Her guidance has been immeasurable.   
Music has been a constant great friend of mine throughout my life. Wherever there is music, life is better! I have a special fondness for old-school Hip Hop and R&B music. I've enjoyed being able to share my vocal gifts as a soloist at many weddings since I was a child. What an honor it has been to contribute to memories of love and joy! It has been a natural progression for me to land here as a wedding officiant for these love-filled events and I’m sincerely humbled and grateful to be able to do what makes me deep-down-in-my-heart happy.


Jenn Pollitt-Hill
Associate Officiant

Jenn Pollitt Hill, MSW


Hello! I'm a lover of people, a seeker of connection and I believe that finding a life partner is one of the greatest joys this journey has to offer - something well worth celebrating!  My goal is to support each couple in crafting a ceremony that reflects who you are, your unique path, and the hopes and dreams you have for your future together. 


"What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life, to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories." - George Eliot


I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend for over 20 years and we have two teenage sons, who make us laugh on a daily basis. If my days were filled with any of the following: yoga, time in nature, delicious food, great music, red wine, and lots of laughter - that would be a good day in my book.  In my 9 to 5 life I'm a social worker whose mission is to help nonprofits best serve survivors of trauma by creating the better, safer, and more equitable world we all deserve.