Why Are You Having a Wedding?

Would you have your auto mechanic perform a tooth filling? Naturally, you would not. It's not their specialty. So why would you have anyone but a professional officiant perform your wedding ceremony?

I love the challenge of creating a personalized ceremony based on who you are and how you feel about each other. I value your beliefs and embrace your individual style. Secular, faith-based, spiritual, romantic--all describe the possibilities. If you are two people in love, and you want to spend the rest of your life together, your background, beliefs, gender or otherwise makes no difference--you should be married the way you want.

More importantly, if you are clear on why you are having a wedding and are fully committed to participating in the tradition, you should be seeking a professional officiant who is aligned with your vision. Couples with the desire to pay tribute to this event with intention and sincerity, while knowing the significance of the wedding ceremony are a perfect fit for Daring Celebrations & Ceremonies!

For those concerned more with rushing through the motions to get to the reception, possibly caring less about the ceremony details, they should consider asking the auto mechanic to officiate.

I am a professional officiant and a heart-based individual. I can think of no other moment in your life when you will need that clarity to demonstrate the transition you are making.

Please call me to schedule your no obligation - no expectation meet and greet. We'll find out together.

With Respect & Gratitude,


Lynda Daring

Member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants

P.S. Please let me know your preference of milk or dark chocolate, as well as beverage. Depending on what time of the day or evening we meet, will dictate our choices. Oh, did I also mention that every moment planning your ceremony is pure fun?

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