The Process and What To Expect

 Enjoy a no-obligation Meet and Greet session at our headquarters in Newark, Delaware 


  • Decide you want to hire us.


  • We gather some basic information, create a simple contract, and then email you promptly.  


  • Within 10 days of receiving our contract, your signatures/date, and 50% retainer is due  (this secures that your wedding date is locked in - no other events are scheduled).


  • Within a few days, you receive the "Order of Ceremony" form for you to complete which provides us with general information about you and your wedding party.


  • Two-three months prior to your wedding day, we will schedule your official "planning session" either in person or via video conference stream. This session is approximately 1-2 hours in length.

  • You receive a draft of your ceremony within 2 weeks - review, edits, and changes are made.


  • Final draft completed immediately thereafter.


  • Acquire your marriage license from the Clerk of the Peace within the county that you are getting married. If you have been married and divorced prior, it is mandatory to present your original divorce decree when applying for your new marriage license.


  • On the day of the wedding, we arrive 45-60 minutes early to check on you and make sure you are fantastic.


  • We complete and sign the necessary parts of the marriage license prior to the start of the wedding.


  • We officiate your ceremony and it is MAGNIFICENT - ONE-OF-A-KIND - UNFORGETTABLE!


  • We mail your signed/completed marriage license back to the county where it was issued the first available mailing day following the wedding (on Saturday for Friday weddings and Monday for Saturday weddings). The license is returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the officiant within this many days according to state-specific guidelines.


Delaware -  within 15 days

Maryland - within 5 days

New Jersey - within 5 days

Pennsylvania - within 10 days


  • One week after the wedding we'll follow up with you to ensure you were completely blown away with satisfaction.


  • You will retain one of the copies given to you by your officiant which was completed that day--that is your copy of the license showing proof of the marriage.  


  • After your wedding/honeymoon:


Go online and follow the state-specific directions to process the legal name change. You may need to order a certified copy to support various name changes, such as social security, driver's license, credit cards, bank accounts, utility bills, mortgage deed, etc.                                                                               



  • Communications between you and Daring Celebrations & Ceremonies are open-ended and encouraged for a lifetime!  

Wedding Ceremonies


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Whether you've been planning for a long time or only a couple of weeks, the anticipation and excitement is immeasurable.  

You're coming up on 20 years or more and you want to surprise your sweetheart with a beautiful vow renewal ceremony.

Perhaps you really don't want all the bells and whistles or the planning and expense of a wedding, so a quick elopement is more your style.

What is your style?

Celebrations of Life

The Officiating


"First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything!"
~ By unknown


            •Welcoming Ceremony

            • Spiritual Blessing

            • Naming Ceremony

            • Thanksgiving Ceremony


The entry of a child into a family is a wondrous event! Stepchildren and adopted children are welcomed, blessed, and celebrated by their new family through the same rituals and ceremonies. Creating a ceremony or ritual to welcome the child and to give thanks for the expansion or blending of a family can be a deeply meaningful event for everyone involved.

You've done the planning, chosen all the vendors, and made sure the caterer is on board. All that is left  is to cross the T's before you say "I do."


Choosing the right person to perform your ceremony is right up there with choosing the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with! It is a very personal and intentional choice that you should consider of high importance.


You want to be heard, appreciated, humored, taken seriously, and not judged for your beliefs or preferences. You want someone to tell you, "I've got this... it will be perfect... breathe... repeat after me... you are in charge, there are no rules, we'll do whatever you want."  

          SMILE ... Ready? ... Let's do this!